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Tesseral Cloud

Welcome to our newly announced Tesseral Cloud Software Service

Our business model is diversifying:

We expect that our primary source of revenues will continue to be software license sales plus sales of maintenance and support contracts. However, the introduction of the Tesseral Cloud facility will enable the creation of a new revenue stream based on Internet based services and easier to access consulting and training services. It is our hope that the Tesseral Cloud facility will allow easy access to our increasingly complex and compute intensive processes to all geoscientists around the world. With this new ease of access we hope that more geoscientists will learn about the usefulness and benefits of full wave forward modeling of shot records. It is hoped that this facility will stimulate a much wider awareness of our products and in the end greatly stimulate the rate of new license sales and M&S contract sales.

As a customer, the decision you make

to switch from purchasing services on-line to purchasing a local license (or vice versa) will depend on a number of factors

  1. How often you actually need to use forward modeling of shot records.
  2. The availability of a skilled forward modeling specialist within your exploration team.
  3. The availability of IT expertise in your company to support a local system.
  4. If you plan to use 2.5D models for 3D-3C shot record forward modeling it may be that you do not want to invest in the larger computing facility necessary to perform this work locally. In this case you may do your 2D forward modeling tasks locally but use our rental service for the 3D-3C shot record modeling.
  5. If you do not have anyone in your organization that can devote the time to do a thorough full wave forward modeling study for any specific project you can define this modeling project and Tesseral Technologies Inc will provide a total project based forward modeling service with output data sets, recommendations and full final reports.

Again, welcome to our new Internet based service – learn lots and have fun.

Best regards,

Tesseral Technologies


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