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Tesseral Technologies Inc. was founded in Canada (Calgary) in 1997 and since 2009 it has been a part of TETRALE Technologies Group, a Holding Company for Tesseral Technologies and TetraSeis.

Our customers are the Geological Survey Canada, national oil and gas companies of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Aramco), Kuwait (KOS), Nigeria (NNPC), Indonesia (Pertamina), Malaysia (Petronas), Argentina (YPF), Brazil (Petrobrass), Japan (Japex), 3 national companies of China (NPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC), a number of service companies as well as educational and research institutes in Europe, the USA and around the world.

Main Office
The main office is located in Calgary, Canada - where we provide software development, support, consultation and distribution.

Company branches:
in Ukraine (Kyiv) we provide software development, support, consulting, processing, and distribution;
in China (Beijing) we provide software support and distribution via the authorized reseller company.

The product Research and Development is conducted in Calgary, Canada, and in Kyiv, Ukraine, under the guidance of the intergovernmental organization - Scientific and Technical Center of Ukraine.

Tesseral has been allocated federal grants by the National Research Council of Canada and the Canadian Agency of the International Development for its engagement in the development of leading edge technology.


TESSERAL means isometric, regular, related to or similar to, tessera, four, to have four corners, to consist of four parts, a part of mosaic or puzzle

Kyiv Development Team

  • Our main objective is to provide software setting industry standards in using advanced algorithms and intuitive interface for commercially available Seismic Modeling Suite.
  • We deliver cost effective and continuing Maintenance & Support of our products.
  • We have long-term experience in Seismic Modeling Services, Training and Consulting.


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