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Tesseral Pro version 5.1.4 is available for download!

  • re-developed the dialog “Fold Display Options”: improved logics and control over bin colors, numbers and diagrams
  • re-developed survey export to SPS: more flexible specification of station and line numbers independently for sources and receivers
  • information on the station inline/crossline number (ID), serial numbers of the station and the station line in the station coordinate specification dialog
  • improved initial parameter values (like bin size or inline/crossline numbers) in several survey planning dialogs
  • and corrected found bugs...



Tesseral Technologies Inc. develops commercial software packages for highly accurate wave field modeling. Based on a digital model of a complex solid body, the supplementing blocks provide various modeling solutions for seismic survey planning, processing and interpretation.
  • Our software is suitable for all kinds of geological-geophysical workflows ranging from academic research up to exploration geophysics. It also can be used as a learning tool, for preparing presentations, and for estimation on geophysical projects.
  • We are continually developing and supporting new features of our software products. Training and consulting for software users is provided onsite or via our internet conferencing capabilities. Valued feedback from our client base since 2001 has been instrumental in the continuing improvement of our software. Modeling Services are available.



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